February 20, 2011

Playing Dress Up

Another Fashion Royalty Kyori doll came to live with me recently! My "Living Dangerously" Kyori is now redressed in Oktoberfest Barbie fashion. Just can't get enough of that red hair! :)

February 16, 2011

Exploring Outdoors

My latest DAL, Chibi Risa! Decided to take her out for a hike with me and my bf at Chino Hills State Park, over here in California this past weekend. Why not make use of the nice 70 degree weather we're having, right?

February 13, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Quicksilver Kyori just joined my slowly growing Fashion Royalty collection this weekend! What perfect timing, as I had also just received my beautiful "Yo-Yo Sheath" fashion made by Janine of Woven In Time. Janine is a wonderful person to work with and does absolutely excellent work, as you can see below. I can't wait to have more fashions from her made for my future arriving dolls!

February 6, 2011

Quick! Fetch Me My Smelling Salts!

For this photograph, I combined two of my passions, all things British and Victorian related, and my dolls. Here is my "Deceptively Yours" Kyori redressed in "Fair Valentine" Barbie fashion. Isn't she just darling? 

February 1, 2011

Down By The Docks

I got two new additions to my DAL doll collections, and I decided to take them out to Newport Beach on the Balboa Island boat docks to have a little fun out in the California sun...

DAL Charlotte
DAL Angry

A Little Dynamite Action

Dynamite Girls (Boogie Beach Sooki, Boogie Beach Reese, Wave 1 Gavin, Electro Pop Jasper, Wave 2 Aria)
All dressed in Dressmaker Details sheath fashion
Dynamite Girls Boogie Beach Aria
Redressed in Byron Lars Pepper amd Barbie Basics Red fashion