December 31, 2011

Have a Blessed New Year!

Isn't she just heavenly? 
I hope that 2012 will be your best year yet!

DAL Milch

December 28, 2011

Woodland Critter

I hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas! I definitely did! I got many new dollies as presents along with TONS of Re-Ment novelties, thanks to my dear darling sister and my bf! Here is a picture of a DAL doll that I took over the weekend. I've actually had her for awhile, but just never really got the opportunity to photograph her. Isn't she just adorable?

DAL Melize

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, Darlings!

It has been very busy, but still very fun over here. With family over, there is very little time to spend on dollys! Anyway, here's a picture that I have been saving for such a time as this. I just started getting into making dresses for my dolls, and I figured I would start with holiday/winter themed ones. I'm looking forward to making more different ones! I hope ya'll have a blessed Christmas! :)

FR Nippon Summer Blues Misaki, Paranormal Willow Misaki, Ye-Ye Brunette Misaki
All redressed in Christmas-themed dresses handmade by me

December 19, 2011

Sugar Plum Fairy

This is my first time around redressing one of my DAL dolls. I usually obtain DAL dolls based on their theme or complete stock outfit, but I decided to brave a change. I actually really want to attempt "re-wigging" a DAL doll, but I'll have to do a bit more research on what color and style I want to change my dolly's hair to first.
I have family coming in tomorrow for Christmas, so hopefully my blog won't be too neglected! :D

DAL Chibi Risa
Redressed in Moxie Girlz Ballerina fashion
Hair restyled by me

December 14, 2011


This is my first Pullip doll, but it definitely won't be my last! I'm mostly a DAL doll collector, but this little one captured my heart! I'm mean, she's dressed in Hello Kitty garb - How could I possibly resist?? :D I've had her for awhile, but resisted taking photos until now since her attire is more of a winter theme. Enjoy! :)

Pullip Hello Kitty

December 10, 2011

Golden Glamour

I received this dress recently and just loved the juxtaposition of the wild print with the monochromatic color scheme and knew it was a must have. Rebel Spirit Amelie laid eyes on it first and thought that she just paired perfectly in her new ensemble with this bronze colored lounge chair. 
For the past week I have been busy dabbling in hand sewing some Christmas themed dresses for my dolls which I will post pictures of here soon..... :)

Color Infusion Rebel Spirit Amelie
Redressed in Souol by Louos "Here Comes the Mistress" fashion and Knife's Edge Designs "Fort Knox" earrings
Hair restyled by me
Props: Horsman Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Lounge Chair

December 6, 2011

My 3rd Attempt At Making Dolly Furniture!

So, I wanted to create a seat and coffee table set that had more of a contemporary look, but was versatile enough to still look a bit classic. I found a cool paint that created a textured "stone" effect on the wood pieces that I cut, which was a pain to use, but had a nice finishing touch. I also hand sewed some pillows to add a touch of color to my third round of dolly furniture. :)

OOAK Re-Root "Silver" Amelie redressed in Kolkman Kreations top, Hazel Street Designs jeans, & Swarovski bracelets handmade by me
Pillows, table, and seat all crafted by me
Props: Miscellaneous Re-Ment & Hobby store finds

December 3, 2011

Three's A Company

I got my Crazy Girl Misaki Amazon Exclusive version the other day. Now my Crazy Girl triplets are complete and to top it off they decided to step out in style with their designer handbags. 
Yes, a new one is on its way.... :)

FR Nippon Crazy Girl Misaki, Crazy Girl Reborn Misaki, Crazy Girl Amazon Exclusive Misaki
All redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashions and sporting La Boutique D&G Tweed, Gucci Bowler, and Coach Logo handbags

November 30, 2011


There are numerous DAL dolls that I am totally going bonkers over, but I will have to be patient and get each one by one as time and my pocketbook allows. However, I have been after this girl for awhile now, and I just couldn't pass her up. I love the subtle cobalt blue streak in her hair, and her stock is just ethereal looking. With Christmas around the corner, I have my fingers crossed hoping that this little darling will have a new friend to play with! ;)

DAL Hanaayame
Location: Grand Avenue Park, Chino Hills, California

November 27, 2011

Silver Amelie

She arrived at my house right after Thanksgiving, and all I can say is I am completely smitten with her! Rob is just so talented, and I'll have to say out of all my FR Nippon dolls, she is now my absolute favorite! Hope my other dolls don't read my blog or I'll be in deep trouble...Don't want a mutiny to occur.....!

OOAK "Silver Amelie" Re-root by Rob Thompson of Robsdolls
Formerly FR Nippon Traffic Stoppers "Caution" Amelie
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top, Hazel Street Designs (Etsy) jeans, Poppy Parker heels, Swarovski bracelets made by me, and La Boutique D&G Tweed Handbag

November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It's been pretty hectic over here, and Misaki has been busy preparing some delectable sweets for the Thanksgiving feast as well.....Hope ya'll have a good one, and remember to always have a thankful heart! :)

FR Nippon Bonjour Misaki (Turquoise)
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion
Hair restyled by me
Props: BuildingIDEA dining table (Etsy) + miscellaneous Re-Ment novelties

November 20, 2011

Kaleidoscopic Twins

I love these creative fashions.....I love these translucent chairs.....I love these darling girls..... :)

FR Nippon Crazy Girl Reborn Misaki and Crazy Girl (Original) Misaki
Redressed in Souol by Louos "Bound Rabbit" and "Curiouser and Curiouser" fashions
Props: Jet Set Convention 2011 "Ghost" chairs

November 18, 2011

Red Hot

 I decided to redress Cosmic Love the other day. I had received this fancy little purse in the mail a few weeks ago, and just recently got the chance to take a snapshot of Amelie with it. Doesn't the purse remind you of a miniature replica of those uber popular Celine ones you see being toted around.....?

Color Infusion Cosmic Love Amelie
Redressed in BFMC Trenchsetter fashion w/ FR2 Minimilist Dasha purse

November 15, 2011


My 2nd attempt at making dolly furniture! I wanted to make a neat and compact closet-like shelving unit to organize some of my FR Nippon accessories, so here it is! Closet shelving unit and side table are all handcrafted by me! The only piece of wood I didn't have to cut to size was the top part of the side table. Luckily, I found a wood piece already pre-cut into a unique shape, so all I had to do was sand, prime, paint, and also cut the table legs and glue them to the pre-cut wood piece. The closet shelving unit was more difficult since there were different wood pieces that I needed to cut down to size, sand, glue, and paint, but it was worth it! As long as Amelie likes it, then I'm good! :)

FR Nippon Ye Ye Amelie
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations "Confidence" gown, Look of Love Poppy Parker shoes, and Swarovski bracelet made by me
Props: Closet shevling unit + side table handcrafted by me, Miscellaneous lot of FR Nippon/La Boutique purses,  FR Nippon/Poppy Parker shoes

November 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Addict

Not only am I a huge fan of FR Nippon dolls, but I am also an avid aficionado of Hello Kitty. I mean, I am completely bonkers about Hello Kitty. I have been meaning to do a Hello Kitty and FR Nippon collaboration photo shoot for awhile now, but figuring out which of my numerous Hello Kitty figurines was the dilemma hold up.  Looks like I ultimately narrowed down my choices, and both Misaki's are breathing a sigh of relief that they can finally do their coveted snapshot. 

FR Nippon Witchie Witch Misaki & Summer Blues Misaki
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashions
Props: Graffiti Hello Kitty Sephora exclusive &  Hello Kitty figurines Target exclusive

November 10, 2011

Caught in the Act

"Hey, wait a minute! I thought you were going to wait to eat until I showed up?"
"Who said anything about eating? I'm just admiring this perfectly yummy looking doughnut!"

FR Nippon Paranormal Willow Misaki & Ye Ye Brunette Misaki
Both redressed in Kolkman Kreations, Swarovski bracelets handmade by me
Props: BuildingIDEA French Wire Chair Set, Horsman Urban Vita Side Table, & Re-Ment Doughnut set

November 8, 2011

Down By The River

My bf and I like to drive out to some random place away from the suburbs and the metropolitan areas and just enjoy nature. Even though the weather was somewhat ominous this past weekend, as soon as the sun peeked out, we jumped on the opportunity and drove out towards the mountains. We didn't get very far since there was snow from the recent rainstorm and all vehicles were required to have chains, so we stopped by a nearby creek to hike, fish, and take dolly photos! Enjoy!

FR Nippon Lady Like Misaki
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion
Location: San Bernardino Forest, California

November 6, 2011

Sushi/Cocktail Bar

So the other day my bf saw some of the dolly furniture I had recently purchased and suggested that I should try making some on my own. He took me to Lowe's and helped me get started in the right direction. So anyway, here's the finished result. I wanted to start with something distinctive and practical simultaneously, so I decided to make a "bar" type prop with matching bar stools. It was lots of fun cutting, sanding, gluing, priming, painting, and sealing the wood pieces...and now I'm hooked! I'm trying to think of the next type of dolly furniture I want to attempt next.....

1st Image: FR Nippon Ye Ye Misaki (Blonde) & Secret Code Good Night Misaki, 2nd Image: FR Nippon Posh Girl Misaki
All redressed in Barbie Basics 1.0 fashions

Props: Handmade dolly furniture made by me + Re-Ment Sushi, Tea, Hotel Buffet, and Lemonade props

November 1, 2011

Riding Beauty

I appreciate all things proper, but at the same time I am so glad to not have to always be a "lady". That meaning, not having to wear ill-fitting corsets, not having to be skilled at the pianoforte or in singing (although I would like to be, very much so), and also not having to ride horses side saddle. Amelie doesn't like to abide by the rules of propriety either and likes to take a breather on the highlands wherever and whenever she can. That includes wearing whatever she wants too.....

FR Nippon Debut Change Shining Blonde Amelie
Redressed in BFMC High Stepping fashion

October 30, 2011

Hauntingly Adorable

Personally, I'm not a big participant of the trick or treat festivities, but I do like to point out a cute Halloween outfit when I see one. Misaki here is a special treat and even though she's looking to collect all the candy she can get, she's doing it fashionably. Who can resist that cat purse of hers? Definitely no tricks up her sleeve.....

FR Nippon On The Go Destination Milan Misaki
Redressed in Gwendolyn's Treasures "Black Cat" fashion & Posh Girl Misaki shoes

Hair restyled by me

October 28, 2011

Office Politics

Sometimes people in the workplace don't "get along" with others because of professional competition, or the desire to "climb the corporate ladder." Others just can't stand their colleagues simply out of jealousy. Amelie figures, if people are going to be petty about her, then at least she can be fashionable at the same time.......

FR Nippon Debut Change Shining Brown Amelie
Redressed in BFMC The Secretary fashion

October 26, 2011

Ship Ahoy!

Over the weekend, my bf and I went down by the ocean side to get some fishing in, and although it was ninety degrees in the valleys, it was a mere fifties at the beach. Even though it was a bit colder than we expected, we still had plenty of fun and Misaki got some snapshots in that have been long overdue. Definitely no complaining here though. It's almost November and temperatures over here are still in the eighties. Got to love sunny So Cal!

FR Nippon Traffic Stoppers Stop Misaki
Redressed in Randall Craig "Ain't Misbehavin'" fashion + Rose Red Yuri hair bow
Hair restyled by me
Location: Dana Point Marina, California

October 23, 2011

Southern Charm

Another guy doll arrived to the dolly house recently, and amazingly, the claws didn't come out all at once! Well, because it looks like he chose first.......on his own. Yes, gasp! Bonjour Misaki is thrilled to pieces, needless to say. Hopefully, this bliss will be a long lasting one......

FR Nippon Bonjour Misaki (Turquoise) & Fresh Style Auden
Misaki redressed in BFMC Southern Belle fashion and hair restyled by me, Auden redressed in FR Homme Silent Partner Romain Perrin fashion

October 21, 2011


No matter how much we may try to void off celebrity buzz and the latest entertainment "news", somehow we still get suckered in to finding out the latest juicy star dazzled story. Misaki doesn't like to admit that she keeps up with celebrity gossip, so likes to read her "news" somewhere less inhabited. Unfortunately, for her, on her latest hideout, she had her own paparazzi following her around taking snapshots of her and her secret reading habits. Now, to her dismay, her pictures are on the internet.....

FR Nippon Summer Blues Misaki
Redressed in Souol by Louos "Dance Like A Song" fashion + BFMC sunglasses
Props: Barbie magazines + BFMC water bottle
Location: Diamond Valley Lake, California

October 20, 2011

Caught Off Guard

We took Amelie and one of my new homme dolls with us on a recent fishing trip and I decided to give the usual sweet and demure Amelie an edgier look. Needless to say, the new guy who stumbled into her way was in for a surprise!

FR Nippon Amelie & IT Bare Essentials Backstage Ambition Homme
Amelie redressed in Kolkman Kreations monokini and Azone boots, Backstage dressed in original fashion + DG Radiant Child Remi shoes
Props: 1/6 scale sniper rifle + binoculars
Location: Diamond Valley Lake, California

October 18, 2011


Another snapshot of beautiful Rebel Spirit Amelie.....Enjoy! :)

Color Infusion Rebel Spirit Amelie
Redressed in FR "Lady In Waiting" Dania Zarr dress + JAMIEshow Gaga shoes + Knife's Edge Designs jewelry
Prop: Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Horsman Side Table

October 17, 2011

Shopping In Style

I got my second designer doll purse from La Boutique recently, and I must say I'm hooked!  Apparently, so is Misaki.....I'll have to keep tabs on her spending habits.....

FR Nippon Ye Ye Misaki (Brunette)
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top + Clear Lan denim shorts
Props: La Boutique "Coach" Purse, BFMC shopping bag

October 16, 2011

Taking A Break

So, I finally got my first "One of A Kind" Misaki doll! I already have an OOAK Amelie doll, so now this one will join the ranks with her! My bf and I took her with us on our hike yesterday, and "Superstar" was enjoying her time off from stardom. That didn't mean that the spotlight wasn't on her though. Besides the breathtaking views and wonderful wildlife we came across (deer, lizards, and spiders- yuck!), "Superstar" was definitely taking up my camera's memory. The end of the 4 mile roundtrip trail had a waterfall, and a little behind that main waterfall was a miniature one, just perfect for "Superstar" to steal the moment again.

OOAK "Superstar" Misaki by Rob Thompson of Robsdolls
Location: North Etiwanda Preserve, California

Lookout Point (The Beginning of the Trail)

Rest Stop ("Superstar Needed to Catch Her Breath)

Miniature Waterfall (She Was Glad That She Had One "Her" Size)

Enjoying The View (Hike Well Worth It)

October 14, 2011

Lawn Strolling

I noticed that a lot of dolly collectors don't like their girls in gown fashions, but I'm quite the opposite. Redressing my dolls in fancy gown reminds me of the British literature that I am such an avid fan of. Since it would appear rather odd if I went around doing my everyday errands in this type of fashion, at least I can enjoy looking at Misaki sporting it. Sport it well, she does!

FR Nippon Posh Girl Misaki
Redressed in BFMC Provencale fashion

October 11, 2011

Being A Tease

A new guy doll arrived today, and it looks like Good Night Misaki managed to snag him first. First day and she's already got him hooked! We'll see how the other girls feel about this.....

FR Nippon Secret Code Good Night Misaki & FR Homme Silent Partner Romain Perrin
Romain Perrin dressed in original fashion, Misaki redressed in Barbie Basics 1.0 fashion

Rebel Spirit

Yay! Cosmic Love Amelie's counterpart arrived today! Looks like they'll get along just fine. Well, as long as Remi is out of the picture.....

Color Infusion Rebel Spirit Amelie & Color Infusion Cosmic Love Amelie
Both redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashions
Rebel Spirit's hair restyled by me

October 9, 2011

Arm Candy

Sometimes just sitting at the beach, taking in the amazing never-ending views, watching the sailboats and seals go by, and breathing in the crisp ocean air is just the type of break you need. Looking your best and sporting your favorite purse while relaxing on the seashore doesn't hurt either. At least to Misaki it doesn't.....

FR Nippon Paranormal Willow Misaki
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion

Accesories: La Boutique Gucci Bowler Bag
Location: Corona Del Mar State Beach, California

October 8, 2011

Cosmic Love

So, I was practically jumping up and down with joy last night when I deboxed Cosmic Love Amelie. She is even more gorgeous in person and I can't wait for her other counterpart, Rebel Spirit Amelie to arrive soon! I paired her up with her new beau, Remi, and don't they just look dandy together? Although, she might have to share him with Rebel Spirit when she arrives.....

Dynamite Girls Plastic Inevitable Radiant Child Remi & Color Infusion Cosmic Love Amelie 
Both redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashions

October 5, 2011

Shoe Addict

So as much as I am a doll addict, I am also a shoe aficionado. However, I do believe that I am more obsessed with my dollys than my eclectic collection of footwear, so Misaki here and I won't have to dispute on who gets what. Looks like she's already got what she's been coveting!

FR Nippon Witchie Witch Misaki
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top and Hazel Street Designs (Etsy) jeans
Hair restyled by me
Props: Christian Louboutin Shoe Pack Collection

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today a cold front suddenly came in, and the usually sunny So Cal turned into a foggy, windy, and watery wonderland. I actually embraced the abrupt change in weather, but Amelie didn't seem to appreciate it as much as I did as she quickly found a place to take cover and keep dry. That's what happens when you're so pretty in pink!

FR Nippon Debut Change Shining Blonde Amelie
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion

October 4, 2011

Sweet Romance

Remember how I said that my Misaki and Amelie dolls would have to share Auden until I get more guy dolls? I wasn't kidding! Sharing is caring, I guess..... :)

Dynamite Girls Plastic Inevitable Beautiful Boy Auden & FR Nippon Secret Code Good Morning Amelie
Auden wearing own fashion, Amelie redressed in Barbie Basics 1.0 fashion

On the Go!

All right, so I know in a recent post, I mentioned that I usually don't keep my dolls in their original fashion. Well, this doll is another exception. Even though her fashion is a bit more on the monochromatic side, I think it suits her beautiful carrot colored hair and adorable freckled face just fine. Don't you?

FR Nippon Posh Girl Misaki

October 2, 2011

Study Break Please!

I am always on the lookout for neat looking doll props and when I randomly stumbled across this table & chair set, I was completely suckered in to purchasing it. The extra cool part is that the set came with this gifted matching rug! Practical and versatile, it can be used as a dining table, study desk, and so much more. Looks like Amelie and Misaki like it a whole lot too!

FR Nippon Ye Ye Misaki (Blonde ver.) & Debut Change Amelie (Brunette ver.)
Misaki redressed in Barbie fashion (DOTW Scotland Barbie + mix) & Amelie redressed in Ye Ye Misaki (Brunette ver.) fashion
Props: BuildingIDEA (Etsy) Table + Chairs set & Rug, Party City "Back to School" party favors

September 29, 2011

Wishing the Day Would Never End.....

Doing this doll couple photo shoot reminded me how much I need more guy dolls for my growing collection of girl dolls! *Sigh* For now, the girls will just have to learn to share! ;)

Dynamite Girls Plastic Inevitable Beautiful Boy Auden & FR Nippon Ye Ye Amelie
Auden redressed in Plastic Inevitable fashion and Amelie redressed in Kolkman Kreations "Sensation" fashion

A Walk in the Woods

Whether I buy the dolls with or without their original fashion and accessories, I always redress and restyle them. However, when I received this dolly here, her fashion was just to pretty to pass up a snapshot. Love the Gothic, school girl look on her, so demure and intriguing at the same time! 

FR Nippon Paranormal Willow Misaki
Wearing complete original fashion and accessories

Lounging Pretty

This doll of mine has probably the most unique hair style out of all of my FR Nippon dolls. With the majority of my dolls I will tend to either alter or at least wash and comb out their hair, but I couldn't bring myself to do anything to this girl's lovely locks. Sort of reminds me of mermaid hair.....!

FR Nippon Pure Evil Misaki
Redressed in BFMC Debut fashion
Props: Jonathan Adler Barbie couch

September 25, 2011

It's the Great Big Pumpkin, Crazy Girl!

My bf and I went to Oak Glen over the weekend and had a great time wandering through apple and pear tree orchards, along with strawberry and pumpkin patches. Sometimes it's really nice to get away, even if it's not really that far away. Being at the fruit farms, nestled at the bottom of the mountains, surrounded by rolling hills, gave us a sense of tranquility and peace. Crazy Girl seemed to be having a good time too!

FR Nippon Crazy Girl Misaki
Redressed in Clear Lan fashion and White Squirrel (Etsy) leg warmers
Location: Oak Glen, California

Vintage Reborn

Crazy Girl's hybrid half showed up at my house the other day. She's basically the same doll with her hair rerooted in a different color and style. I thought this latest fashion that I got from Souol by Louos would be the perfect fit for her. Doesn't she look glamorous? Funny, how a simple thing as a variant hairstyle can change up one's look so dramatically.....

FR Nippon Crazy Girl "Reborn" Misaki
Redressed in Souol by Louos "In The Pale Light of Dawn - Dance till Dawn" fashion

September 23, 2011

Something Blue

Sometimes new things can take on the borrowed and become beautifully blue.....

FR Nippon On The Go Destination Milan Misaki
Redressed in Eaki fashion
Hair restyled by me

September 22, 2011

Good Morning, Good Night

Sisters reunited!

FR Nippon Secret Code Good Morning Amelie & Good Night Misaki
Both redressed in Barbie Basics 1.0 dress fashions
Prop: Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Red Blossom Chair