February 29, 2012

Hide and Go Seek

I had lots of fun making my first dolly video, so I figured I would make another one! This past weekend my bf and I went to a new fishing spot and this unnamed place had a great backdrop for my twin Dal Angelic Pretty dolls to play! I hope you have as much fun watching this as they did being filmed! :)

February 26, 2012

New Hairdo

So I decided to rewig one of my DAL dolls. After perusing through numerous online tutorials, I decided to rewig DAL Clair. I loved her original ringlet hairstyle, but it was just so unmanageable and difficult to restyle and match with redressing, so she was the guinea pig. Rewigging was actually pretty simple and quick. What took so long was waiting for her new wig to arrive. I stored away her original wig, just in case I want to revert her back to her previous look.

Formerly Dal Clair
Rewigged by me
Redressed in Moxie Girlz and FR Nippon fashion
Location: English Springs Park, Chino Hills, California
This is what she looked like before, just in case you were curious! :) 

February 23, 2012

Afternoon (Mad) Tea Party

So I decided to make a picture story with my new Pullip Alice dolls. I had lots of fun creating this little clip, and I already have my next idea planned out! It's my first attempt at putting together a video like this, so thanks for putting up with any amateurishness!  Enjoy! :)
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February 20, 2012


My bf and I discovered an amazing new hiking area this past weekend. It was a wonderful place full of natural and man made waterfalls, mountain streams running with ever clear water, heavily wooded greenery, and mist curling around the mountain tops. Pink Romantic Alice Pullip ventured with us this time, and she appeared to be enjoying herself as well!

Pullip Romantic Alice (Pink Version)
Location: Chantry Flats Recreation Area, California

February 18, 2012

Setting Sail

I believe we are all still children at heart, and sometimes I feel like DAL Jolie here. I just want to put my hair up in Princess Leia style braids and run around and play Hide 'N Seek behind barrels with a giant, fluffy stuffed animal on a boat dock.....

DAL Jolie
Location: Dana Point Harbor, California

February 15, 2012


Alice does not want to be sitting under a tree near the riverbank and going over school lessons with her older sister. She would rather play with her cat, Dinah. Her mind drifts off to a far away land, and then, wait! She sees a white rabbit with a pocket watch scurrying down a rabbit hole. She must go and follow him to where ever he is going!

Pullip Romantic Alice (Blue Version)
Location: Summitridge Park, Diamond Bar, California

February 13, 2012

Noir Sweetheart

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! My bf will be taking me to a surprise location for dinner tomorrow - so needless to say I'm super excited! :D
Anyway, this picture is actually from my archives and I never got around to posting it. Milan Misaki has already long gone been traded to another loving dolly home, so this is a tribute to her. Enjoy!

FR Nippon Destination Milan Misaki
Redressed in BFMC Verushka fashion
Hair restyled by me
Prop: Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Red Blossom Chair

February 11, 2012

Imaginary Carousel

I got this darling little fashion set awhile ago (I love the pony purse!), but figuring out which doll to put it on was the hold up. There were a few candidates, but DAL Milch here scored. Maybe it was the slight more cupcake pinkish tone in her face makeup. Or her glowing platinum hair. Or her intense crayon blue eyes.....

Dal Milch
Redressed in Angelic Pretty fashion set
Location: Hulda Crooks Park, Loma Linda, California

February 6, 2012

Sleight of Hand

My latest Dal doll.....I love everything about Alice in Wonderland, and this gothic/lolita version of her to me is just pure amazement!
I wonder what sort of trick she has up her sleeve.....

DAL Lunatic Alice

February 4, 2012

Sweet Dreams

So I had this project on my mind for awhile, but never got around to actually making it happen. Well, my sweet boyfriend, who is the one who actually strongly suggested that I try making my own dolly furniture, put together this bed for me last weekend! Along with the colorful bedding I hand sewed, my miniature 1:6 scale dolly dream is now complete! Amelie seems to be enjoying her new piece of furniture as well..... :)

FR Nippon Secret Code Good Morning Amelie
Redressed in BFMC Lingerie #6 fashion
Props: Mayberry Street Painting, Re-Ment Cat, Bed Frame handmade by my bf, Bedding hand sewn by me

February 2, 2012

All Dolled Up

Sometimes there isn't any better feeling then taking a stroll around the garden on a lovely sunny day.....
 Plus, if you looked as pretty as Sakura here, you would feel just like a doll too, wouldn't you? ;)

DAL Sakura