April 22, 2012

Lost and Found

The other day, my bf and I went to one of our previous hiking spots and decided to check out a different trail. All along the way we took Dal Melize with us to enjoy the view. She is one of those dolls that I find a hard time to redress because she looks so darn adorable in her original stock!
 Anyway, I made a video story of her getting lost and finding her way home. Enjoy! :)

April 19, 2012

Another World

The Steampunk theme can be considered another obsession of mine. Dal Ra Muw here tagged along with my bf and I on another one of our outdoor excursions, and when she saw this desolate area she was just itching to get a photo shoot of her done here. To me it seemed to fit her perfectly, as if she was part of another time frame or she was considered advanced in her current era.........and yet, she is here with me now in the present.

Dal Ra Muw
Location: San Timoteo Canyon Dry Basin, Redlands, California

April 14, 2012

Sittin' On A Dock

Dal Tweety went out with me and my bf the other day to do a little sight seeing, relaxing, and well just sitting in general. The only problem was, that there was a steady breeze blowing and her skirt kept coming up. She didn't think anything was really wrong with it, but her photographer did, especially with the onlookers out and about. Her photographer did manage to get at least one shot in where Dal Tweety kept her propriety. Dal Tweety didn't seem too pleased about that.

Dal Tweety
Hair Restyled by Me
Redressed in miscellaneous Bratz clothing
Location: Fairmount Park, Riverside, California

April 11, 2012

Fauna In Nature

Here she is! Pullip Youtsuzu re-wigged! Hope ya'll like her new look as much as she and I do! ;)

Pullip Youtsuzu
Re-wigged by Me
Location: Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, California

April 7, 2012


Here is a quick snapshot of Pullip Youtsuzu before she gets re-wigged. I love her whole original getup, but the great thing about re-wigging Pullips and Dals is that since the newer ones don't have rooted hair, you can always put the original wig back on. This is the same doll where my bf and I filmed the "Becoming Alive" video where she gets out of the box and accessorizes herself. She'll have a new look soon!

Pullip Youtsuzu
Location: Ford Park, Redlands, California

April 4, 2012

Imaginary Treehouse

I decided to re-wig my Pullip Souseiseki doll. I love that she still has the reddish tones in her new hairstyle, and that it is longer so there are more restyling possibilities. She joined me and my bf as we scouted out a new hiking/fishing place this past weekend. She kept an eye on us as we trekked through forests and brush, and she even witnessed me catch my first rainbow trout so far this year! :)

Formerly Pullip Souseiseki
Re-wigged by Me
Location: San Dimas Reservoir, California