May 26, 2012

Tranquil Waters

My sister is visiting for the week and my bf and I took her hiking, fishing, and taking dolly photos!  Of course Fauna went with us on our excursion and had the time of her life. We still have more adventures to embark on, so hopefully I 'll have more dolly photos on the way.
Hope everyone has a safe three day holiday weekend!

Pullip Youtsuzu
Re-wigged by Me
Location: North Etiwanda Preserve, California

May 20, 2012

Flora at the Falls

I took Flora with us on our recent trip back to one our favorite hiking places. She needed to get outdoors, and so did my bf and I. It has been really busy the past few weeks for me, but this week my sister will be visiting, so I am super excited! Hopefully I can still sneak in some dolly photo taking time! I plan to take her with my bf and I hiking, and we might go back to this very same spot. We'll see! 

Dal Hanaayame
Location: Stutervant Falls, California

May 13, 2012

Up Above the World So High

Sometimes I wish I could just sit in a tree like Lunatic Alice here and see everything from an aerial point of view. You know, where I can really take a third person point of view and see everything from a different standpoint. 
Or maybe because I'm a smaller person and people generally tower over me. :D

Dal Lunatic Alice
Location: San Bernardino National Forest, California

May 7, 2012

Sweet Posey

I've had my "Baby It's You" Poppy doll for a few weeks already, but have not had the time to photograph her. Sadly, her other half was sent to another dolly lover home, since her owner didn't really bond with him as much. It's somewhat odd, but this Poppy is essentially my "first" Poppy Parker doll again, since I had previously given my other ones to other collectors. Soon the "Sabrina" themed Poppy dolls will be arriving and will join her so she won't be so lonely!

"Baby It's You" Poppy Parker
Redressed in Randall Craig fashion
Location: Hart Park, Orange, California

May 1, 2012

Golden Fairy

Whew! it has been a busy past couple of weeks for me over here, and I've been really lagging in the dolly photo taking and updating blog department. My long awaited Victorique de Blois Pullip doll finally arrived this past weekend, and I am absolutely smitten with her. I am a huge anime and manga fan, and if you haven't seen the anime "Gosick" (a spinoff on the word "Gothic"), then you are completely missing out! My bf and I were completely hooked watching each mysterious and plot solving episode ever since we discovered the anime! 

Anyway, Victorique de Blois is the main heroine in the anime, and she has a sidekick named "Kujo". There is an Isul doll of Kujo, and I'm hoping someday I can add him to my collection too so then he and Pullip Victorique can truly be complete.

Pullip Victorique de Blois
Location: Reuben S. Ayala Community Park, California