March 31, 2012

Becoming Alive

I got a new Pullip doll yesterday, and my bf helped me make another video. This time we decided to do a different take on the usual "deboxing" videos we've seen on YouTube, so we decided to make a stop motion type version, as if my new dolly was really alive and completely anxious to get out of that box she had been stuck in! Enjoy! :)

March 28, 2012

In Disguise

I have had Dal Angry for awhile as well, and I just adore everything about her. From her half Lolita kitty ear hat, plus her half punk/Gothic attire, and right to her blazing royal purple-ish blue hair! She decided she wanted her picture taken again, and how could I resist? :D

Dal Angry

March 25, 2012

Grey Skies

I have been waiting for what seemed like forever for DAL Chibi Risa's new wig to arrive. I had already de-wigged her and had enhanced her eyes to a royal blue and silver glittery combo (couldn't stand her bloodshot red eyes!) for over 2 months now, and poor Risa was left bald up until now. I am really enjoying her new look!
I took her out with me and my bf to the beach yesterday and she sat on the granite jetty and just enjoyed the view. She got to see my bf and I catch over 20+ mackerel, observe pelicans swoop down into the water, and see seals come up to the surface of the water. It was a very pleasant day for the three of us. :)

Formerly DAL Chibi Risa
Re-wigged and Eyes enhanced by Me
Location: Corona Del Mar State Beach, California

March 21, 2012


I've had this doll for awhile now. In fact, she was a part of my very first batch of DAL dolls that I bought when I first started getting in DAL and Pullip dolls. I'm a huge sucker for Victorian and Regency era related themes, so Dal Charlottte was a must have in my collection. She's one of those dolls that look great in her original stock and should remain in her original stock. Isn't she just a darling?

DAL Charlotte
Location: Diamond Bar, California

March 17, 2012

Picnic at the Park

I have seen various creative "stop motion" type videos on YouTube and I really wanted to give it a try. Here is an attempt, and I have to give all photography credit to my amazing bf. He took each photo shot while I rearranged the props in each scene. I hope to make more of this style of footage sometime soon. The key is definitely patience! Enjoy!

Pullip Souseiseki & Friends
Location: Jennie Davis Park, Redlands, California

March 14, 2012

Cotton Candy

I've had this sweet little darling for about a month now and never got a chance to photograph her. Here she is. I love everything about her, from her fluffy pastel colored attire and lavender locks down to her soft candy pom pom accessories. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! :)

Dal Dalcomi Beary Fairy
Location: Grand Avenue Park, Chino Hills, California

March 11, 2012

One Sheep, Two Sheep

On one of our hikes this weekend, my bf and I stumbled upon this quaint area nestled behind a residential lot and saw......Sheep! Now near where I live there are plenty of rolling hills alive with free range cattle, but this was a unique experience! Sheep were everywhere, and even dotted the faraway hills like tiny cotton balls. Apologies in advance for the video quality, I was practically squealing while filming this! :D

March 7, 2012

Roller Skating

Dal Tweety got a new pair of roller skates! Of course she had to join my bf and I this past weekend on an outing to the park to try them out. Looks like she'll be a pro in no time. ;)

March 4, 2012

Running With Scissors

I've told Pullip Souseiseki many times that she shouldn't walk around with those enormous pair of scissors, but apparently she is not very good at following directions.
No, she is not cutting any of the flowers, just admiring them up close. Or so she says. 
Looks like Springtime is here!

Pullip Souseiseki
Location: Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, San Dimas, California