May 15, 2011

Long Lost Twins

DAL Joujou finally arrived!!! She is just absolutely adorable and has been finally reunited with her Angelic Pretty twin DAL Marietti. DAL Joujou was immediately deboxed this weekend and has been confronted with non-stop squeals ever since. She is the truly the meaning of kawaii! Of course she would never be complete without a picture of her and her BFF.....

DAL Joujou
DAL Joujou & DAL Marietti

May 5, 2011

Painting the Roses Red.....

I got these new chairs the other day for my dollies to lounge in. Aren't they just gorgeous? I decided to not get matching colored ones, and opted for a white version and a red version for more versatility.  I am thrilled to pieces with them and so are my dolls! :)

FR Nippon Secret Code Good Morning Amelie
Redressed in BFMC Ingenue fashion
Seated in Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Red Blossom Chair

FR Nippon Debut Change Shining Brown Amelie
Redressed in "Never Be Mine" Souol by Louos fashion
Seated in Urban Vita Penthouse Collection White Blossom Chair