August 28, 2011


The latest addition to my "Amelie" face sculpt doll collection.....

FR Nippon Ye-Ye Amelie
Redressed in Clear Lan fashion & Knife's Edge Designs jewelery
Location: Ford Park, Redlands, California 

August 25, 2011

Worldwide Beauty

It has been awhile since I've added another one of a kind beauty to my doll collection, but Miss Nicaragua 2011 arrived the other day and I was in awe. I have been blessed to own a few Ninimomo OOAK dolls already, but each one I get makes me even more speechless every time. Their intricate hand sewn work, the perfect color array, the littlest paid attention to detail always gets to me. I had this doll lying around and sent her to the talented Ninimomo duo for a makeover. With a few special requests they transformed my forlorn, strewn doll into this wondrous work of art. I'm still in awe....

August 19, 2011

Moor Beauty

Nu.Fantasy Rose Red Yuri..........Finally, she's mine!! :)

August 18, 2011

Casually Chic

This is my first FR Nippon "Misaki" doll! She is from the recently released "Traffic Stoppers" collection and she is the "STOP" doll. I normally lean towards the "Amelie" face sculpt from the FR Nippon line, but this little lady's demure, doe-eyed expression just made me cave in and get her. I decided to give her a more comfy, laid back apparel look. I think it suits her quite well, don't you?

Redressed in Kolkman Kreations Homme Basic Hoody, Nu.Face Nightscape Giselle shorts, and model's own shoes
Hair restyled by me

August 15, 2011

A Whole New World.....

New favorites of mine, like a match made in heaven.....

Radiant Child Remi & Perk Colette
Redressed in Aladdin and Jasmine fashions
Jewelry by Knife's Edge Designs
Perk Colette's hair restyled by me

August 14, 2011

Woodland Fairy

My boyfriend and I like to hike, fish, and basically, being together outdoors. This weekend we decided to go exploring and randomly find a place to enjoy nature. We discovered a neat little place tucked away near the foothills and it turned out to be a great place to take some dolly photos too. The FR Nippon Amelie face mold doll is one of my absolute favorites and I feel like she can pull off almost anything, anywhere.....

FR Nippon Debut Change Shining Brown Amelie
Redressed in Monogram Exquisite fashion
Location: Big Dalton Canyon Wilderness Park, Glendora, California

August 13, 2011

Gold Rush

Just cannot get enough of these redhead dolls... :D

Youthquake Poppy Parker
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations Squeeze Mini dress
Hair restyled by me

Poppy Parade

For some reason, every time I get a Poppy Parker doll, I always end up restyling their hair. Hope they don't mind change...!

Youthquake, Tears Go By, and Look of Love Poppy Parker dolls
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion
All hair restyled by me

August 7, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Sometimes I wish that summer would never end.....

Secret Code Good Morning Amelie
Redressed in Brides of Dracula Evermore Yours Mina fashion
Location: Ralph B. Clark Regional Park, Buena Park, California