March 29, 2011


Here's my latest DAL doll! She was on pre-order and she finally arrived home! :) With my love for the Victorian era, Steampunk goes hand in hand. Ra Muw (that's her name!) represents a little bit of Victorian, more of Steampunk, and a whole lot of adventurous fantasy. Here she is gearing up up for her next expedition.....Enjoy!

DAL Ra Muw (Steampunk Project)

March 2, 2011

My Little Darling

Here is a picture of my first, but not the last, Poppy Parker doll! She is the "Tears Go By" Poppy Parker doll, and was a 2010 convention exclusive. She is redressed in a "Clueless Charm" fashion by SouoL by LouoS. I just love his designs and I already have more fashions on the way! I also got some more Poppy Parker dolls recently, but just haven't gotten a chance to take snapshots of them yet. There will be some more of them soon though, I promise!

March 1, 2011

Vintage Glamour

I like Kyori dolls best from the Fashion Royalty collections, but "Red Zinger" Dania Zarr was still a must have for me. Her original hair was styled in an updo that wasn’t too much of my liking, so I restyled her hair and I am so glad I did. The fashion is an OOAK gown with a matching hooded cape that I had purchased awhile ago. I wish I had the talent to make such a design!