January 30, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Dal Dotori went along with the bf and I this past weekend and decided to catch some freshwater critters on her own. With 85 degree weather and clear skies, what could be better? The place we explored this time was neat in a sense that we could hike down gravel slopes to the nearby river and watch horseback riders trot by. It was almost like we were in another world, and not smack in the middle of suburbia. Looks like Dotori had some fun too!

DAL Dotori
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top and CleaLan denim shorts
Prop: Mayberry Lane fishing rod
Location: San Gabriel River, Avocado Heights, California

January 28, 2012

Middle of Nowhere

My bf and I love being outdoors and doing all sorts of recreational activities and just enjoying nature. We are blessed that we live in Southern California so we have decent weather all year round that we can completely  take advantage of (it's been in the mid 80's this past week!). We like to go hiking, fishing, sightseeing, exploring, and so on, and the latest thing to do is fly the RC plane that I got my bf for Christmas! We went to an abandoned RC field and it was so peaceful with no one in sight and us just flying the plane and taking dolly photos. It literally felt like we were completely isolated and no one could see us or disturb us. It is very fulfilling to get away, especially when you live near a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles.
Anyway, one of my latest DAL dolls went with us on our little excursion, and to me she looks like she got lost on her way back from an entertaining vacation. Luckily, she was not alone!

DAL Tweety
Location: Bureau of Land Management, Highland, California

January 26, 2012

Beary Sweet

I got a slew of Re-Ment miniatures during this past Christmas thanks to my 2 BFF's in the whole wide world - my twin sister and my boyfriend! I managed to photograph them, but haven't uploaded them yet. These adorable Rilakkuma sets are an addition to the 10+ sets that I received, and my sister got matching ones! Yes, we are truly alike! So, now that I've posted these, I can go ahead and slowly work my way up posting the rest of the sets. You might clap your hands in glee like I did when I saw them! :)

Rilakkuma "Fluffy Meal" Re-Ment complete set
Prop: BuildingIDEA Dining Table

Rilakkuma "Chocolate Cafe" Re-Ment complete set
Prop: BuildingIDEA Dining Table

January 24, 2012

Pink Perfection

I really like this particular Poppy doll, and I find her very photogenic. I am sure she does too as she is always checking herself out in the mirror. I don't blame her!

Simply Simpatico Poppy Parker
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations Bubble gown
Hair restyled by me
Props: Side table handmade by me, candle stand and mirror extras

January 21, 2012

Young Grandeur

So I totally gave in and got DAL Hina Ichigo's Rozen Maiden counterpart -  Kanaria! She arrived today and even though it briefly rained over here in Southern California, it didn't stop me from taking her outside and getting a breath of misty air. Despite the short term gloom, she was just grateful to be freed of that cardboard box! 
I just love the subtle green accents in her hair!

DAL Kanaria Rozen Maiden

January 19, 2012

Pocketful of Sunshine

Here's a snapshot of one of the other Poppy Parker dolls that arrived lately - Foto Fab! I restyled her hair, and I prefer her much more this way. When I first saw her during the pre order rush, she didn't really stand out to me. Yet, now when I started seeing more of her in real life, I'm glad I managed to snag one at a decent price.
As you know I recently started making simple dolly furniture. I've also started making some props too. The sunflower pot prop in this photo was one of my creations. I have other floral arrangements made as well, but perhaps they will be used in other photo shoots later on. :)

Foto Fab Poppy Parker
Redressed in ClearLan fashion and Knife's Edge Designs jewelry
Hair restyled by me
Props:  Jet Set Convention 2011 Chair, Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Horsman Side Table, Sunflower Pot handmade by me

January 17, 2012

The Dilemma

Simply Simpatico was another new Poppy Parker doll to arrive at my place and she sure has a thing for fashion! I had already made a closet shelf unit around the end of last year, but when Simply showed up, I realized she needed more space to put all of her stuff - and that was just for her shoes and purses! So she got what she wanted, and I'm just glad her accessories are organized and not all over my floor space! :D

Simply Simpatico Poppy Parker
Redressed in BFMC Toujours Couture fashion
Hair restyled by me
Props: Misc. La Boutique/FR Nippon/Other purses, Fr Nippon/Poppy Parker shoes, Closet/Shelving Units handmade by me

January 15, 2012

Made For Each Other

So in the past week I got a slew of dolls, mainly Poppy Parker ones that I mostly received via trades. I also received one of my pre-orders dolls from last year - Hot Stuff Cruz! Of course one of my Poppy's snagged him first, and well, looks like it was meant to be. They just can't take their eyes (or hands) off each other! I will leave them in their romantic bliss for awhile longer. ;)

In the Air Poppy Parker & DG Hot Stuff Cruz
Poppy redressed in ClearLan fashion, Cruz in model's own fashion
Props: Horsman Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Lounge Chair

January 13, 2012

After School Special

I just can't get enough of these DAL dolls! This particular darling happened to come with some additional cute props too! Each doll just gets even more adorable! Yes, I have another one arriving shortly..... ;)

DAL Hina Ichigo Rozen Maiden

January 10, 2012


Dal Kaname is on of the latest DAL doll I received. Isn't she just adorable, even though she's a little troublemaker? ;)

DAL Kaname Madoka
DAL Chibi Risa (Redressed in DAL Madoka additional fashion)

January 6, 2012

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

This past weekend, I went with my family up to Snow Summit (Big Bear Lake/Mountain), one of the few places here in Southern California that actually has snow during the winter season. So, of course, while my family members went skiing, I, on the other hand, went off on my own and trekked through the snow to enjoy the scenery and take dolly photos! :) Looks like DAL Dotori got kind of lost along the way.....

DAL Dotori

January 3, 2012

Sweet Confection

So I have been pretty keen in only collecting specific lines of dolls, but I caved in as soon as I saw "Sweet Confection" Poppy Parker which is a WClub exclusive doll for 2011. She arrived over the holidays and I just absolutely adore her look! These two pictures were taken indoors at two different locations, so that way you can see her skin tone a bit better. I can't wait to take photos of this beauty outdoors!

Redressed in handmade dress by me + La Boutique Chanel purse

Redressed in Woven In Time fashion + La Boutique Chanel purse