June 24, 2012

Daytime Dreams

My sister's bf graciously gifted this darling fashion set to me, and Pullip Victorique felt that it would look perfect on her. I couldn't agree more. I immediately redressed her in it and took her with me and my bf on our 8 mile and 7, 555 ft elevation hike this past weekend! Although she didn't have to bear the the brunt of the hike (she mostly stayed safely tucked away in my backpack), she still did get to enjoy the same beautiful scenic views that we did! :)

Pullip Victorique
Redressed in Santorini Fashion
Location: Ice House Canyon Trail, California

June 17, 2012

Prairie Dawn

My sister got me my highly coveted doll as an early birthday present! Isn't she just darling? I am absolutely smitten with her red pigtails and freckled cheeks! Anyway, of course I couldn't wait to take her with us on of our hikes, and she got to enjoy a hot day in the sun. At least she had her adorable hat to keep her covered a bit! I think she might have gotten a few more freckles! You'll definitely be seeing more of her soon! ;)

Pullip Anne of Green Gables (Regeneration Series)
Location: Van Leuven Fire Road, California

June 9, 2012

Two is Better Than One

I haven't made a dolly video in awhile and since I actually had time this weekend, I thought I ought to make one while I had the chance. This video is featuring my little Dal Rozen Maiden darlings, Hina Ichigo and Kanaria. 
Enjoy! :)

June 3, 2012

Country Schoolyard

Audrey and I are similar in the fact that we both love being outdoors and wide open spaces. Just like her, I will often just want to sit and admire the majestic scenery around me, and take it all in. It is a relaxing, subtle escape from reality.....

Formerly Pullip Souseiseki
Re-wigged by Me
Location: Riley's at Los Rios Rancho Farm, California