December 29, 2012

Dawning of a New Day

Apologies, I have been so busy with work that I have not had a chance to update my blog. I still make time for outdoor recreations, but as far as uploading the pictures and actually generating a blog post is a whole different story! 
My sister spent Christmas with me this year and we have been having such a grand time. She and I, plus my bf, have been spending time just relaxing, going to amusement parks, and enjoying the great outdoors. One of the places we visited was Crystal Cove State Park. My bf and I go to the beach quite often, but we always seem to bypass this area on our way to our favorite fishing and strolling spots. It is actually quite a gem of a place, and I know we will be back for sure.
This year is wrapping up, and I am very grateful for all that has happened, along with my bf, friends, and family that has shared my up and down times. I hope that the upcoming year will be even better for all of us! 

Pullip Romantic Alice
Location: Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach, California

November 11, 2012

Fall Back

The weather has finally cooled down a tad, and with the time change, there is crunch for daylight hours when it comes to hiking. My bf and and I did a couple of hiking trips this past weekend, and for one of them we ventured out to one of our favorite places. Youtsuzu went with us and got to take in some of the fresh outdoor air and the beautiful scenery as well.

Pullip Youtsuzu
Redressed in Clear Lan fashion

Location: North Etiwanda Preserve, California    

November 4, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I didn't get a chance to take photos of any of my dolls in the great outdoors this weekend, but I did manage to take a quick snapshot of Victorique and of all the designer purses she is sharing with her other dolly friends, including the latest addition: the Fendi Zucca handbag. Yes, I got suckered in to getting it for her. She is pretty persuasive. I mean, just look that sweet, darling face!
My bf and I got to catch up with friends this past weekend, and we also watched the film "Wreck It Ralph". It is an excellent movie, and you should definitely go see it when you get the chance! :)

Pullip Victorique De Blois
Redressed in Clear Lan fashion and donned with her La Boutique purses (Fendi Zucca, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Coach)

October 28, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty

I am not a big fan of Halloween (except for the candy portion), so since my Pullip dolls will not be taking part of any trick or treating, I decided to dress Paja up in this cute little black cat outfit with the matching cat purse that I got awhile ago. She wore it to one of my recent outings with my bf up in the forest, and she was glad she got to wear it because the weather was a bit chilly, and she felt so nice and snug in her outfit. 
I am absolutely sure my sister will adore this. She has a sweet little black kitty of her own, and I am sure he would be a big fan too. Be safe everyone! :)

Pullip Regeneration Paja
Redressed in Gwendolyn's Treasures fashion
Location: San Bernardino National Forest, California


October 21, 2012

No Fear Here

My darling Dal went with me and my bf on another adventure this past weekend. It also happened to be my bf's birthday, so I took him on a special fishing trip, in which he caught two of the biggest striped bass he had ever caught so far in his life! Dal got to witness the amazing catches and enjoy the view as well. It was a very eventful and exciting day for all of us! :D

Dal Angry
Location: Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area, California

October 14, 2012

At New Heights

This weekend my bf and I decided to hike to the top of Mt. San Antonio, also known as Mount Baldy. It is considered the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains range. It was an intense seven mile vertical hike up to where we reached the summit at over 10,000 feet. The view from the top was truly rewarding though. Pullip Anne got the comforts of riding along in my pack and getting to see the spectacular scenic view after the upward trek.  Her descent ride back down was a bit more bumpy though.....

Pullip Regeneration Anne of Green Gables
Redressed in Clear Lan fashion and Dal Chibi Risa boots
Location: Mt. San Antonio (Mount Baldy), California

October 7, 2012

Valley of the Falls

My bf and I have always wanted to visit this place, but never got around to do so. It's along the path of one of the ways to get up to Big Bear (which we've ventured up to few times before), and for some reason we just had not got around to taking the off beaten path to this place. It's only a mile hike's worth, but there are times where you are crawling up and trying to hoist yourself up the rocks to get to the very best views of the falls.  
My bf, Pullip, and I thought it was very well worth it. Based on these pictures, you would see why too.

Pullip Wonder Woman
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion
Location: Forest Falls, San Bernardino National Forest, California 

September 30, 2012

Coastal Greetings

Ever since I started collecting Pullip and Dal dolls, I've always wanted to add Dal Cinnamoroll to my collection. Alas, since I started collecting later on in the game, the original Dal Cinnamorall was out of my reach. So needless to say, I was quite ecstatic when I found out that a 10th anniversary version of Dal Cinnamoroll was being released! She finally arrived this past week, and I took her with us to the beach!
We decided to set out early to the beach and try another hand at shore fishing. It was just gorgeous out there! We all had a grand time and I caught my first halibut!

10th Anniversary Dal Cinnamoroll
Location: Newport Beach, California

September 23, 2012

Flight Cadet

My bf and I have been wanting to visit this museum for awhile, but with the unusually hot weather we've been having, we have been postponing it since a portion of the planes are located outside of the hangars. Well, this past weekend, despite the triple digits weather and high humidity, we set our minds to go, and it was so worth it. Pullip Regeneration Paja thought so too. Some of the planes shown below were used in the movie "Pearl Harbor"! Other aircraft we saw there are considered the last ones remaining in the whole world and are even still flyable! Pretty amazing, say?

Pullip Regeneration Paja
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top, Rebel Spirit Amelie shorts, and Barbie fashion shoes
Location: Planes of Fame Museum, Chino, California

September 16, 2012

High Tide

Even though summer is winding down to an end, it still is rather hot over here in Southern California. With triple digit weather again this past weekend, my bf and I pushed aside the idea of doing another long hike and ventured over to our favorite beach. You can see from the pictures below why it still remains as our top "go to" place. Pullip Merl joined us, although she felt rather overdressed. She quickly changed her mind when we wandered over to the jetty and she saw how the waves were crashing about against the rocks. She was glad that I kept her high enough away from the sporadic splashes of water. My bf couldn't agree more since he ended up getting completely soaked. At least it gave us a few more things to giggle about. :D

Pullip Merl
Location: Corona Del Mar State Beach, California