April 8, 2011

Somewhere in Between

Renegade Dasha is here! This is my first FR2 doll, and to think that I almost gave her up! When I first got her, I didn't really bond with her, but after awhile she kind of grew on me, and now I'm so glad I kept her. I redid her hair because she originally came in this really strange ponytail-like hairstyle that didn't suit me. Anyway, here she is redressed in a "Gala Evening Gown" Kolkman Kreations fashion. The jewelry and shoes are the original fashion that came with this doll. Aren't the shoes just darling?


  1. I agree, her shoes are darling! Love her lip color. Her dress is very elegant.

  2. Yes, I love the detail on her shoe! She's so glamorous!