April 23, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Just before I'm about to hang out with the bf this weekend, I thought, why not have some snapshots of some of my dolls dressed in their Sunday Best ready for Easter? So here they are. They decided to take their own beloved pets with them on their casual, but fashionable stroll through the park. Enjoy and have a Happy Easter everyone!

 Dynamite Girl Eltin redressed in "Sunday Stroll" Randall Craig fashion

Dynamite Girl Electro Pop Jasper redressed in "Everybody's Talking" Randall Craig fashion

FR2 Renegade Dasha redressed in "Just Friends" fashion & her own shoes
Hair restyled by me


  1. Such cute Easter photos! The dresses and puppies are darling!

  2. They all look so pretty. Now you got me wanting one of those dogs! Happy Easter.