October 11, 2011

Being A Tease

A new guy doll arrived today, and it looks like Good Night Misaki managed to snag him first. First day and she's already got him hooked! We'll see how the other girls feel about this.....

FR Nippon Secret Code Good Night Misaki & FR Homme Silent Partner Romain Perrin
Romain Perrin dressed in original fashion, Misaki redressed in Barbie Basics 1.0 fashion


  1. I hate to break it to her. He will be pictured with someone else real soon. Poor thing. Probably thinks that will be her man.

  2. Very nice.... She has beautiful eyes!!

    Xxx :D

  3. Vanessa, you are so right! However, I did get 2 more FR Homme dolls in, so maybe she can have a couple of weeks' time before her heart gets broken!