October 21, 2011


No matter how much we may try to void off celebrity buzz and the latest entertainment "news", somehow we still get suckered in to finding out the latest juicy star dazzled story. Misaki doesn't like to admit that she keeps up with celebrity gossip, so likes to read her "news" somewhere less inhabited. Unfortunately, for her, on her latest hideout, she had her own paparazzi following her around taking snapshots of her and her secret reading habits. Now, to her dismay, her pictures are on the internet.....

FR Nippon Summer Blues Misaki
Redressed in Souol by Louos "Dance Like A Song" fashion + BFMC sunglasses
Props: Barbie magazines + BFMC water bottle
Location: Diamond Valley Lake, California


  1. This is such a cool picture! Such pretty scenery and a lovely dress.

  2. What a beautiful picture! I do wonder if sitting on those rocks is painful. LOL.

  3. Thanks, Vanessa! Luckily, she was situated on a flat rock. The ones in the backdrop were a little more sharp featured. :)