October 16, 2011

Taking A Break

So, I finally got my first "One of A Kind" Misaki doll! I already have an OOAK Amelie doll, so now this one will join the ranks with her! My bf and I took her with us on our hike yesterday, and "Superstar" was enjoying her time off from stardom. That didn't mean that the spotlight wasn't on her though. Besides the breathtaking views and wonderful wildlife we came across (deer, lizards, and spiders- yuck!), "Superstar" was definitely taking up my camera's memory. The end of the 4 mile roundtrip trail had a waterfall, and a little behind that main waterfall was a miniature one, just perfect for "Superstar" to steal the moment again.

OOAK "Superstar" Misaki by Rob Thompson of Robsdolls
Location: North Etiwanda Preserve, California

Lookout Point (The Beginning of the Trail)

Rest Stop ("Superstar Needed to Catch Her Breath)

Miniature Waterfall (She Was Glad That She Had One "Her" Size)

Enjoying The View (Hike Well Worth It)