November 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Addict

Not only am I a huge fan of FR Nippon dolls, but I am also an avid aficionado of Hello Kitty. I mean, I am completely bonkers about Hello Kitty. I have been meaning to do a Hello Kitty and FR Nippon collaboration photo shoot for awhile now, but figuring out which of my numerous Hello Kitty figurines was the dilemma hold up.  Looks like I ultimately narrowed down my choices, and both Misaki's are breathing a sigh of relief that they can finally do their coveted snapshot. 

FR Nippon Witchie Witch Misaki & Summer Blues Misaki
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashions
Props: Graffiti Hello Kitty Sephora exclusive &  Hello Kitty figurines Target exclusive