November 27, 2011

Silver Amelie

She arrived at my house right after Thanksgiving, and all I can say is I am completely smitten with her! Rob is just so talented, and I'll have to say out of all my FR Nippon dolls, she is now my absolute favorite! Hope my other dolls don't read my blog or I'll be in deep trouble...Don't want a mutiny to occur.....!

OOAK "Silver Amelie" Re-root by Rob Thompson of Robsdolls
Formerly FR Nippon Traffic Stoppers "Caution" Amelie
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top, Hazel Street Designs (Etsy) jeans, Poppy Parker heels, Swarovski bracelets made by me, and La Boutique D&G Tweed Handbag


  1. She's adorable with her new hair and beautiful outfit. When I break down and buy a LB handbag, I am blaming you...and sending you the bill. LOL!

  2. Vanessa, you totally can blame me, especially if you become a POTM addict like me and start buying them every month, haha! :D

  3. I know I won't buy them frequently. I can't justify the $35 a month price tag until I renew my gym membership which is less than that. (I only need the gym membership to play racquetball). Racquetball trumps POTM.