January 28, 2012

Middle of Nowhere

My bf and I love being outdoors and doing all sorts of recreational activities and just enjoying nature. We are blessed that we live in Southern California so we have decent weather all year round that we can completely  take advantage of (it's been in the mid 80's this past week!). We like to go hiking, fishing, sightseeing, exploring, and so on, and the latest thing to do is fly the RC plane that I got my bf for Christmas! We went to an abandoned RC field and it was so peaceful with no one in sight and us just flying the plane and taking dolly photos. It literally felt like we were completely isolated and no one could see us or disturb us. It is very fulfilling to get away, especially when you live near a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles.
Anyway, one of my latest DAL dolls went with us on our little excursion, and to me she looks like she got lost on her way back from an entertaining vacation. Luckily, she was not alone!

DAL Tweety
Location: Bureau of Land Management, Highland, California


  1. OMGosh! This picture is just adorable. Love the stuffed animal hanging over her arm. I am drawing a blank on his name. She is the cutest DAL I've seen to date. (Of course I have only seen what you have shown on your site.) so glad you put a jacket on her.

  2. SO CUTE! Love the plush and all the fun colors, total eye candy.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Tweety is a sweetie!

  4. Great ideas in the same post. love them all.


  5. Thanks, Vanessa! I believe her little plush friend is named "Sylvester". :)