February 4, 2012

Sweet Dreams

So I had this project on my mind for awhile, but never got around to actually making it happen. Well, my sweet boyfriend, who is the one who actually strongly suggested that I try making my own dolly furniture, put together this bed for me last weekend! Along with the colorful bedding I hand sewed, my miniature 1:6 scale dolly dream is now complete! Amelie seems to be enjoying her new piece of furniture as well..... :)

FR Nippon Secret Code Good Morning Amelie
Redressed in BFMC Lingerie #6 fashion
Props: Mayberry Street Painting, Re-Ment Cat, Bed Frame handmade by my bf, Bedding hand sewn by me


  1. The bed looks awesome. And the kitty is super cute!

  2. I love it! The bedding is fantastic I want it for my human size bed!

  3. Your bed is wonderful. What a nice boyfriend!

  4. Thanks, CJ! I really liked the bright color variation of that particular fabric! :)

  5. Thanks, Vanessa! He's a real sweetie! ;)

  6. Oh wow... you boyfriend is AWESOME!!!
    The bed looks fantastic! My girls are all so jealous, hehehe! They have no beds! ... and my boyfriend is not woodworking savvy!