June 17, 2012

Prairie Dawn

My sister got me my highly coveted doll as an early birthday present! Isn't she just darling? I am absolutely smitten with her red pigtails and freckled cheeks! Anyway, of course I couldn't wait to take her with us on of our hikes, and she got to enjoy a hot day in the sun. At least she had her adorable hat to keep her covered a bit! I think she might have gotten a few more freckles! You'll definitely be seeing more of her soon! ;)

Pullip Anne of Green Gables (Regeneration Series)
Location: Van Leuven Fire Road, California


  1. Yay! She's so cute! Love her satchel, too!

  2. She is cute. Looks like she traveled far and wide to get to her new home. Love the outfit and the bag.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! My bf actually staked out the spot for the photo op. He has such a great eye for these kind of things too. ;)

  3. Sooo lovelyyyy, i realy like your postings! <3


  4. I like so much the combinations here!