October 7, 2012

Valley of the Falls

My bf and I have always wanted to visit this place, but never got around to do so. It's along the path of one of the ways to get up to Big Bear (which we've ventured up to few times before), and for some reason we just had not got around to taking the off beaten path to this place. It's only a mile hike's worth, but there are times where you are crawling up and trying to hoist yourself up the rocks to get to the very best views of the falls.  
My bf, Pullip, and I thought it was very well worth it. Based on these pictures, you would see why too.

Pullip Wonder Woman
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashion
Location: Forest Falls, San Bernardino National Forest, California 


  1. Her hair is so pretty! Love the location.

  2. Wow.. this place is breathtaking!! And your doll is gorgeous... I love her hair! Wish mine looked like that. hehehe.

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    xx Love & Aloha

    1. Thanks! I actually had to keep her hair in check from blowing all over the place from the wind!