October 8, 2011

Cosmic Love

So, I was practically jumping up and down with joy last night when I deboxed Cosmic Love Amelie. She is even more gorgeous in person and I can't wait for her other counterpart, Rebel Spirit Amelie to arrive soon! I paired her up with her new beau, Remi, and don't they just look dandy together? Although, she might have to share him with Rebel Spirit when she arrives.....

Dynamite Girls Plastic Inevitable Radiant Child Remi & Color Infusion Cosmic Love Amelie 
Both redressed in Kolkman Kreations fashions


  1. She is a beautiful doll. What a cute couple ;)

  2. Oh I love her! great hair color!

  3. There you go again with the sharing. You are right. You need to add some more men to your collection.