October 5, 2011

Shoe Addict

So as much as I am a doll addict, I am also a shoe aficionado. However, I do believe that I am more obsessed with my dollys than my eclectic collection of footwear, so Misaki here and I won't have to dispute on who gets what. Looks like she's already got what she's been coveting!

FR Nippon Witchie Witch Misaki
Redressed in Kolkman Kreations top and Hazel Street Designs (Etsy) jeans
Hair restyled by me
Props: Christian Louboutin Shoe Pack Collection


  1. Shoe galore! So envious of the collection!

  2. Oh my goodness! She loves Louboutins too!!!

    I am so happy I found you - I am sending the link to my aunt (who is a barbie fanatic!) right now!!!