October 30, 2011

Hauntingly Adorable

Personally, I'm not a big participant of the trick or treat festivities, but I do like to point out a cute Halloween outfit when I see one. Misaki here is a special treat and even though she's looking to collect all the candy she can get, she's doing it fashionably. Who can resist that cat purse of hers? Definitely no tricks up her sleeve.....

FR Nippon On The Go Destination Milan Misaki
Redressed in Gwendolyn's Treasures "Black Cat" fashion & Posh Girl Misaki shoes

Hair restyled by me


  1. This is such a super cute! So in love with her dress and that adorable cat purse.

  2. Thank you! It was a seasonal fashion that I just couldn't resist! :)

  3. i want that doll for me!


  4. That is a cute outfit! This is the second Halloween that my dollies have missed out on. Maybe next year.

  5. Thanks, Vanessa! Not a big Halloween festivities participant, but this outfit was just too cute to pass up! :)