November 1, 2011

Riding Beauty

I appreciate all things proper, but at the same time I am so glad to not have to always be a "lady". That meaning, not having to wear ill-fitting corsets, not having to be skilled at the pianoforte or in singing (although I would like to be, very much so), and also not having to ride horses side saddle. Amelie doesn't like to abide by the rules of propriety either and likes to take a breather on the highlands wherever and whenever she can. That includes wearing whatever she wants too.....

FR Nippon Debut Change Shining Blonde Amelie
Redressed in BFMC High Stepping fashion


  1. So perfect for the English countryside. Very cute!

  2. I love riding outfits. I've been watching tons of shows lately where they do nothing but ride horses. Don't be surprised if you see a few horses show up. Amelie is definitely invited to go riding with us.

  3. Thanks, Vanessa, Amelie will definitely take up the offer. This outfit was kindly gifted to me by a dear friend and had been on my wish list for awhile. Amelie quickly "borrowed" it from 45th Anniversary silkie for this snapshot. :D

  4. awww so cute... :)

  5. I like what you post.
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  6. Such a beautiful doll.

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