November 6, 2011

Sushi/Cocktail Bar

So the other day my bf saw some of the dolly furniture I had recently purchased and suggested that I should try making some on my own. He took me to Lowe's and helped me get started in the right direction. So anyway, here's the finished result. I wanted to start with something distinctive and practical simultaneously, so I decided to make a "bar" type prop with matching bar stools. It was lots of fun cutting, sanding, gluing, priming, painting, and sealing the wood pieces...and now I'm hooked! I'm trying to think of the next type of dolly furniture I want to attempt next.....

1st Image: FR Nippon Ye Ye Misaki (Blonde) & Secret Code Good Night Misaki, 2nd Image: FR Nippon Posh Girl Misaki
All redressed in Barbie Basics 1.0 fashions

Props: Handmade dolly furniture made by me + Re-Ment Sushi, Tea, Hotel Buffet, and Lemonade props


  1. Oh my gosh, the DIY furniture looks beyond amazing!

  2. Funny!

    (Bloggin about fashion:
    ...maybe we can follow each others!? let me know if you want!