January 17, 2012

The Dilemma

Simply Simpatico was another new Poppy Parker doll to arrive at my place and she sure has a thing for fashion! I had already made a closet shelf unit around the end of last year, but when Simply showed up, I realized she needed more space to put all of her stuff - and that was just for her shoes and purses! So she got what she wanted, and I'm just glad her accessories are organized and not all over my floor space! :D

Simply Simpatico Poppy Parker
Redressed in BFMC Toujours Couture fashion
Hair restyled by me
Props: Misc. La Boutique/FR Nippon/Other purses, Fr Nippon/Poppy Parker shoes, Closet/Shelving Units handmade by me


  1. I envy her wardrobe! And her boucle suit is so Chanel-esque!

  2. Love your new Poppy and that new Chanel purse.

  3. Okay me like, I totally need to make a closet soon!

  4. Thanks! You definitely should! I want to see it! :)