January 15, 2012

Made For Each Other

So in the past week I got a slew of dolls, mainly Poppy Parker ones that I mostly received via trades. I also received one of my pre-orders dolls from last year - Hot Stuff Cruz! Of course one of my Poppy's snagged him first, and well, looks like it was meant to be. They just can't take their eyes (or hands) off each other! I will leave them in their romantic bliss for awhile longer. ;)

In the Air Poppy Parker & DG Hot Stuff Cruz
Poppy redressed in ClearLan fashion, Cruz in model's own fashion
Props: Horsman Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Lounge Chair


  1. lovely outfit love i like your blog as well

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  2. Congrats on getting your new dolls, especially the sold out Cruz doll. I always enjoy seeing Poppy dolls.

  3. I haven't gotten any Poppy dolls in awhile, so the ones I got recently are a real treat.
    People don't really seem to like Cruz that much. i think he's a cutie, and apparently so does Poppy!