February 11, 2012

Imaginary Carousel

I got this darling little fashion set awhile ago (I love the pony purse!), but figuring out which doll to put it on was the hold up. There were a few candidates, but DAL Milch here scored. Maybe it was the slight more cupcake pinkish tone in her face makeup. Or her glowing platinum hair. Or her intense crayon blue eyes.....

Dal Milch
Redressed in Angelic Pretty fashion set
Location: Hulda Crooks Park, Loma Linda, California


  1. Very cute outfit! I can't really see the pony purse well, but I'm sure it's adorable.

  2. So cute! Adore the pony purse and her little hair accessory. x

  3. Fabulous, i´ll be back soon.


  4. Where is this lovely outfit from?????!!!! (hehe, since my Pure Neemos fit into the same stuff, I'm always avidly watching your girl's wardrobes!)