February 13, 2012

Noir Sweetheart

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! My bf will be taking me to a surprise location for dinner tomorrow - so needless to say I'm super excited! :D
Anyway, this picture is actually from my archives and I never got around to posting it. Milan Misaki has already long gone been traded to another loving dolly home, so this is a tribute to her. Enjoy!

FR Nippon Destination Milan Misaki
Redressed in BFMC Verushka fashion
Hair restyled by me
Prop: Urban Vita Penthouse Collection Red Blossom Chair


  1. So romantic and pretty! Such a cool chair.

  2. Such an exquisite doll. Love the giant red roses behind it


  3. She is very lovely... I just joined the club of Misaki owners... I had seen a few and not felt the need to have them... but then one caught my eye!
    Do you still own Misakis or have they all moved on? :)

  4. Where do you sell your girls at? (Paranormal Willow is actually the one I just got!) But I'd be interested to know what you're selling yours for and the other girls as well.